Press Release: Community clean-up hopes to “heal psychological wounds”



Contact: Tori Briggs


 CHICAGO, IL (August 12, 2016)- In the name of the community, Tori Briggs and Deondre Rutues have partnered to give you “The Clean Up.” They are calling on all community members to join them in efforts to heal the psychological eyesores that have plagued the south and west sides of Chicago.

“We do this because of the effects that it has on our behavior. When an individual is used to seeing trash everywhere, they tend to take that behavior and trash the environment around them everywhere they go. We want to represent ourselves in a better light. We’ve always cleaned to music and we plan on keeping up that tradition!” says organizer Tori Briggs.

With sounds provided by DJ Pat XKL and DJ Bangin Bo, volunteers will gather on August 20th at 63rd & Cottage Grove from 10a-12p and August 27th on Lake & Central from 10a-12p. The community will also be accepting donations for rakes, push brooms, bags, gloves, sanitizer, and waters. The official hashtag for the event is #thinkclean.

Their aim is to create a culture of cleanliness, along with goals of building community gardens, art displays and taking ownership of Black neighborhoods in Chicago. Briggs says all are invited to the efforts to help improve the feel and appearance of under-resourced neighborhoods. For more information, please contact Tori Briggs at

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