MTV News panelists discuss blackface, annoying couples on social media, anxiety anthems and more

Each Thursday on MTV News’ “Need To Know,” we invite a panel of guests to chat it up about the week’s happenings in politics, entertainment and pop culture.

This week, we brought in Comedy Central’s Keisha Zollar, Comedian/Actress Milly Tamarez and Logo TV’s Lamar Dawson to discuss (among other things) Gucci’s racist balaclava sweaterVirginia Governor Ralph Northam’s use of blackface in 1984 and the host of white public figures who’ve worn blackface – some as recently as 2012.

Though we break it all down in the panel, it’s worth checking out this brief article on the history of minstrel shows and Fredrick Douglass’ early rebuke of them in the 1800’s. Follow @Dometi_ and @MTVNews on Twitter and turn on notifications so you never miss a segment.

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