Be a Career Learner

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I cringe when people say “school isn’t for everyone.”  (In most cases, these kinds of declarations refer to secondary/post-secondary school).

Of course, the issues with the education system are vast. We could have a long conversation about the dangers of standardized testing, how the classroom setting tends to stifle creativity, how teaching styles shouldn’t be “one size fits all,” etc.

But no matter what field you choose to go into, you’ll have to endure a training period. To enjoy that process and thrive in it takes time and practice.

In essence, we all have to learn how we learn and use that knowledge to perfect our craft. Education gives the fundamentals when it comes to how people process and retain information.

So, in hindsight, those folks are right. I guess school, in its traditional forms, is probably not for everyone. But education is. Never stop learning.

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