Brainstorming With David Banner | Ep. 2


Producer, rapper, actor, and cultural critic David Banner talks to us about his new project, The God Box and his role on Bounce TV’s “Saints and Sinners” which airs Sundays at 8pm (CST).

In our interview, Banner clears up the misconception that his stature as a social justice advocate is something he recently evolved into.

“The truth is I’ve been talking about the same things my whole career. It’s just that during that time, I was drunk, angry, and young … and confused about a lot of things. During those times, I was depressed. Now, I’m clear.” – David Banner

Saints and Sinners, which recently celebrated 1.5 million viewers, boasts a predominately African-American cast and crew – a rarity in an industry that struggles to embrace diversity. The milestone sparked a conversation about the importance of supporting diverse content and leveraging Black buying power.

In what will be his first full performance in four years, Banner returns to his birthplace, the Windy City, to kick off The God Box tour at the Promontory in Hyde Park. He’ll also stop by SAE to host a free production workshop.

If you still haven’t caught an episode of Saints and Sinners, click here to get up to speed and see how David Banner’s character, Pastor Darryl Greene, gave him “an opportunity to show people what [he] thinks a pastor should be.”

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