#BrainstormWithDometi -Shop Talk with Celebrity Barber Razor Rell

Celebrity barber and instructor Razor Rell discusses youth mentorship, business development and economic empowerment from his vantage point in the beauty industry. We discuss the perception that some industries, like hair care, are less lucrative than others and why some entrepreneurs miss out on the more simple business opportunities. Another client, actor Gerald B, later joins …

Brainstorming With Journalist Brandon Smith

A conversation with journalist Brandon Smith on police reform, how his efforts helped lead to the release of Chicago's most disturbing police-shooting video and much more.

Prodigy, dead at 42, promoted healthy eating and humane prisons in last days

A podcast with Mobb Deep's Prodigy as he talks healthy eating, humane prisons and "Commissary Kitchen"

Sir the Baptist on why you should still see ‘The Birth of a Nation’

Sir the Baptist on Nat Turner, economic empowerment and his motivation for distributing 50,000 condoms to fans in one summer.

Event/Podcast: Engaging Millennials in Government & Politics

Thursday, I'll be a part of discussion at Columbia College on the role millennials play in the political process.