Featured in Chance the Rapper, Hannibal Buress Mini-Doc on Chicago Politics

In its first offering since Chance the Rapper took the helm, the Chicagoist TV investigates the inner workings of Chicago’s Aldermanic system in a satirical piece featuring comedian Hannibal Buress. Investigative reporter Champ Bennett (which is a Chance in baggy suit, wig and fake mustache) asks everyday Chicagoans what they know about the city council. And it turns out they don’t know much.

The 15-minute piece sheds light on what an alderman actually does, what it takes to become one and the obstacles that prevent young people from running for office.

For his part, Dometi sits on a panel of experts — including Evanston city clerk Devon Reid, journalist Rashanah Baldwin, City Bureau co-founder Darryl Holliday, and columnist Jamilah Lemieux. Asked what a committee is, Dometi quips, “where legislation goes to die.”

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