Free Screening of “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” Hosted by Dometi Pongo

In partnership with AARP Chicago and Donda’s House, I’m hosting a free film screening this evening followed by an in-depth discussion with director Deborah Riley Draper.

The documentary, Olympic Pride, American Prejudicefollows 18 African-American athletes to Nazi Germany as they compete in the 1936 Olympics amid blistering racial tensions. Most of us are familiar with gold medalist Jesse Owens, but Olympic Pride walks us through the all-but-forgotten stories of more than a dozen other men and women whose contributions would help fuel the civil rights movement nearly three decades later.

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For a sneak peak at what we’ll be discussing tonight following the film, check out this interview with myself, WVON’s Perri Small, and director Deborah Riley Draper.

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