Event: A Global Look at the Challenges Facing Black Chicago

I created the framework for this panel for the same reason I’ve taken dozens of African-Americans on group trips to West Africa. I believe the key to doing the internal work necessary to help improve the condition of under-resourced communities lies in reconnecting to the African diaspora. In commemoration of the historic events that took place in 1968, we plan to process this idea with a panel of authors, educators and activists. One of our panelists, organizer Charlene Carruthers, was interviewed by WGN’s Justin Kaufmann. Check it out below.

Via WGN Radio:  Charlene Carruthers, activist, organizer, author and National Director of BYP100, joins Justin to discuss tomorrow’s panel, “A Global Look at the Challenges Facing Black Chicago.” Charlene talks about her involvement in Wednesday’s event, how she sees community organizing as a craft, the importance of understanding the past, her work at BYP100, the biggest challenges she faces when organizing and if we are making strides when it comes to civil rights.

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    Excellent Dom!!!!!! Definitely keep sending these out!!! We will be sure to make the next one!! So proud of you.


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