Guest Appearance on “How We Got Here” (12|12|15)

I joined writer/radio personality (and one of my former teachers), Seth Tower-Hurd,  for an episode of his podcast How We Got Here. We discussed everything from the Mag Mile protests in Chicago to the secret prisons in Hohman Square.  In his byline, Seth said he’d revised his opinion that “protest don’t work anymore.” Depending on your definition of work, sometimes they do.

We both acknowledge a historical moment in the city’s history noting that protests work best when the powers that be are inconvenienced. Peaceful protest doesn’t necessarily mean amiable. Power doesn’t concede willingly and change is uncomfortable. If it’s meaningful, it should be.

Seth called this one …(Non)Riots & Secret Prisons in Chicago.

By the end of our hour long conversation, Seth’s wife, Amanda Lyn Hurd, sketched this ill portrait.

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