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“Jack & Jill” – Produced by RavO

“Oh Yeah (Psalm 51)” – Produced by Zilla

“Automatic” – Produced by RavO

One of These Days (Prod. by Juice Beatz) | Shot by NHophotos

Live at Chicago’s Westside Music Fest with DJ Pat XKL (Prod. by RavO) | Shot by Based Bruh | 

Live at the African Fest (Prod. by Zilla) | Shot by Raw Amun

10 Comments Add yours

  1. LaQuonda says:

    Loved your performance at the music festival in da Chi!


    1. Prophecy says:

      Love ya back! Thank you!


  2. I was just walked up and I heard some of you.
    It was nice meeting you @ The Westside Music Festival.


    1. Prophecy says:

      Great to meet you as well and thanks for listening. Take care


  3. T. Murph says:

    your the truth bro, always been. Keep it up my dude. #salute


  4. Simon Agbefe says:

    keep up the good music big cus.


  5. KY.N.G says:

    Jack and Jill 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  6. Dometi,
    I didn’t know that you rapped. I heard one of your songs on WVON this morning, and you’re very good! Wish you much success!


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