“Are You Hearing Me?” |Pongo to Join Healthy Communication Panel at #BlackWomensExpo

Dometi Pongo joins an intimate discussion on Healthy Communication at the Black Women's Expo in Chicago.

Toni Preckwinkle: “Enforcing immigration laws is the federal government’s responsibility”

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatens to pull federal funds from sanctuary cities. Local officials respond.

Free Screening of “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” Hosted by Dometi Pongo

In partnership with AARP Chicago and Donda's House, I'm hosting a free film screening this evening followed by an in-depth discussion with director Deborah Riley Draper. The documentary, Olympic Pride, American Prejudice, follows 18 African-American athletes to Nazi Germany as they compete in the 1936 Olympics amid blistering racial tensions. Most of us are familiar with …

#ICYMI | Pongo talks Plutocracies, Obama Farewell and the Illinois Budget Impasse on WYCC PBS (1/12/17)

Dometi Pongo joined WYCC PBS' In The Loop to recap former President Barack Obama's farewell speech in Chicago, the budget impasse in Illinois and the role of big money in state and national politics. Hosted by Lauren Cohn, panelists included attorney Christine Svenson and the Illinois Opportunity Project's Director of Communications, Kathleen Murphy. https://youtu.be/lQ0uz7Z1AK0?t=11m26s  

#DOJReport | Here’s What Happened (in Less Than 2 Minutes)

The Department of Justice finds CPD engages in the pattern and practice of unreasonably using excessive force.