The Pullman Porter Museum, One of Chicago’s Hidden Gems | #IMAGEMaker

In this episode of IMAGEMaker, Pullman Porter Museum executive director David Peterson weighs in on the future of national monuments in the Trump Era, the legacy of the Pullman porters and how the Museum has successfully managed its operations in the midst of Illinois’ budget impasse.

Despite the Pullman district’s fairly recent distinction as a national monument, due in large part to lobbying efforts by the Museum’s leadership, the Pullman Porter Museum remains somewhat of a hidden gem. Nestled between an elementary school and residential homes in Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood on the city’s far southside, the edifice serves as a living ode to the birthplace of the Black Labor Movement.

We cover all of this and more in the second installment of the IMAGEMakers Series powered by TBT News and MG Media.

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